IPO: Extraction Oil & Gas confidential S-1 goes public


[Context: Extraction Oil & Gas, backed by Yorktown Partners, OZ Management, BlackRock, Neuberger Berman Group previously announced that it had filed a confidential S-1 to go public. On September 14, that S-1 became publicly available. Below is a overview taken from the SEC filing. The company disclosed that it paid $420m to Bayswater Exploration and has an agreement to potentially acquire $200m more. ]

Overview From S-1 Filing:

Extraction Oil & Gas Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and our accounting predecessor, was formed on May 29, 2014 by PRE Resources, LLC (“PRL”) as a holding company with no independent operations. Extraction Oil & Gas, LLC, formally a wholly owned subsidiary of PRL, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Extraction Oil & Gas Holdings, LLC.

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