Deal: Ullico infra fund receives FTC approval for apparent natural gas pipeline buy


[Context: Ullico Infrastructure received an FTC Early Termination Notice for its acquisition of Southern Star Acquisition Corporation. Further details and related links are below.]


Although no deal seems to have been disclosed publicly, the infrastructure unit of the Union Labor Life Insurance Company (ULLICO) may have acquired some portion of Southern Star, which operates 5,800 miles of natural gas tranmission lines in the MidWest and Mid-Continent, based on the FTC HSR early termination notice.

20190646: Ullico Infrastructure Tax-Exempt Fund, L.P.; Southern Star Acquisition Corporation
Date: January 31, 2019
Transaction Number: 20190646
Acquiring Party: Ullico Infrastructure Tax-Exempt Fund, L.P.
Acquired Party: Southern Star Acquisition Corporation
Granting Status: Granted

Acquired Entities
Southern Star Acquisition Corporation

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