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Date Title
2016-12-19 Energy Private Equity Pivots To Mineral And Royalty Strategy
2016-11-11 Oil And Gas Industry Buoyed By Trump Election
2016-11-01 Sea Change: Midstream Oil And Gas Sector M&A Reshaped By Downturn
2016-10-12 No Matter Who Wins Election, Oil And Gas Faces Regulatory Uncertainties
2016-09-16 Private Equity Struggles To Win Deals In Hypercompetitive Permian Basin
2016-03-04 Cheap Oil Fails To Ignite M&A
2015-12-01 The Long Wait: Oil And Gas Private Equity Is In A Holding Pattern
2015-11-10 The Competitors Who Stand To Win From Denial Of Keystone XL
2015-09-16 All About That Reserve Base: Oil And Gas Asset Deal Activity Positive Sign For Industry
2015-05-26 Dam Holding Back Energy Dealmaking Will Burst by 2016, Energy Bankers Say
2015-04-28 Oil Supermajor CEOs Talk Down Big M&A
2015-02-25 Room To Maneuver: Oil And Gas M&A Chatter Abounds, But Producers Have Plenty Of Options
2014-10-31 Helping Hand: Oil Families Warm To The Idea Of Working With Private Equity
2014-08-05 Shell IPO Will Be Game Changer For MLPs
2014-04-17 All Eyes On Mexico: Energy Reform Creating Opportunities Across Oil And Gas Supply Chain
2014-03-11 Driven To Divest: Investor Pressure Could Make 2014 A Busy Year For Oil And Gas M&A
2013-08-27 Making Lemonade The Oil And Gas Way
2013-08-20 View From The Front Lines Of The Shale Boom
2013-06-10 Coming To America: Greater International Investment Could Be Coming To Oil And Gas Midstream Sector
2013-05-24 Energy MLPs acquire so they can borrow cheaply… and do more deals
2012-11-06 Differential Equations: The Rangeland Energy Deal And The Big Picture