Capital: Tellurian snags $24.1m more

[Context: On 22 April, Tellurian led by Cheniere-founder Charif Souki and former BG Group executive Martin Houston raised another $24.1m from 45 investors, and was advised by Petrie Partners. The company is focused on liquefied natural gas (LNG). Meanwhile, Cheniere’s new CEO is talking acquisition premiums, Bloomberg reports.]
Advisors: Petrie Partners

1. Issuer’s Identity

CIK (Filer ID Number) Previous Names
Entity Type
PLX Holdings LLC
X Corporation
Limited Partnership
Limited Liability Company
General Partnership
Business Trust
Other (Specify)
Name of Issuer
Tellurian Investments Inc.
Jurisdiction of Incorporation/Organization
Year of Incorporation/Organization
Over Five Years Ago
X Within Last Five Years (Specify Year) 2015
Yet to Be Formed

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