[Context: On June 22, Centennial Resource Development, Inc., backed by Natural Gas Partners, filed an S-1 to undertake a $100m IPO. Below is the organizational structure and history of the company taken from that filing. The company undertook multiple transactions with other NGP-backed firms. Centennial acquired Celero in October 2014, another NGP-backed company. In December 2014, Centennial conveyed vertical Ward County assets to Blackbeard Resources, also NGP-backed, for $12.5m. In May 2016, it acquired acreage from NGP-backed Caird Energy for $9.8m. In February 2014, Centennial sold midstream assets  for $71.8m to PennTex, an NGP-backed midstream company.]

Centennial Resource Development, Inc.
1401 17th Street, Suite 1000
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 441-5515

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