[Context: On June 13, EIV Capital-backed H2O Midstream completed construction of a pipeline-only produced water hub in Howard County, Texas. Further details and related links are below.]

H2O Midstream Completes The First Commercial, Truckless, Produced Water Hub In The State Of Texas

HOUSTON, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — H2O Midstream recently completed construction of the first commercial, “truck-free”, produced water storage and disposal hub in the state of Texas. The Railroad Commission of Texas issued H2O Midstream the commercial permit for one million barrels of storage, just the second such permit issued by the Railroad Commission, and the first for a facility that is serviced entirely by pipelines. A new 35,000 barrel per day deep Ellenberger disposal well is co-located with the storage.

Located in Howard County, TX, the produced water hub consists of two state-of-the-art 500,000 barrel ponds connected to a network of 10 disposal wells totaling 220,000 barrels per day of capacity via a pipeline network of more than 130 miles. The newly built water hub provides multiple benefits to producers in the area including enhanced reliability, peak flowback management, and centralized storage for produced water reuse.

“This is an important step forward for the water midstream industry and demonstrates H2O Midstream’s long-term commitment to improving environmental and safety conditions through the use of permanent infrastructure and interconnected water gathering, disposal, reuse and storage facilities,” said Jim Summers, Chief Executive Officer of H2O Midstream. “We continue to build efficiencies and drive cost savings for our customers by lowering lease operating costs and reducing total capital requirements while delivering reliable, safe and sustainable operations.”

About H2O Midstream

H2O Midstream was founded on the vision that water should be treated as a commodity, not a waste. Led by an executive team with over 120 years of collective midstream experience, H2O Midstream partners with producers, landowners, and other stakeholders to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of water operations while lowering costs across the entire value chain. The company has the full spectrum of midstream energy capabilities to enable the efficient management of water in upstream oil and gas operations and to reduce the high costs of water logistics.

H2O Midstream is funded via a private equity commitment from EIV Capital and co-investments from several of EIV’s institutional partners collectively representing more than $70 billion in assets under management.

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